Avid Violin Player

I started taking private violin lessons when I was only eight years old and I immediately fell in love with music! I continued to take private lessons throughout the rest of elementary, middle, and high school and participated in a few different orchestras along the way. During high school, I joined my school’s symphonic band, as well as our marching band, and began learning various other instruments over the course of four years. My love for music has followed me into college and has helped in ways that I never would have imagined. I believe that having both a creative and analytical side has helped me develop deeper critical thinking, stronger problem-solving skills, and better communication.

Mission Work Participant

Throughout my life, I have attended five missionary trips to impoverished communities in an attempt to offer my help to those who may need it. These trips were extremely enriching for me and gave me a better understanding of what I find important in life. I believe it is extremely important to support each other as individuals and build connections with all dynamics of people, including those who have different views or opinions as myself. This outlook is something that I have carried with me for several years now and is what began my passion for Human Resources. I look forward to attending future missionary trips and I can not wait to see what new experiences they bring me!